Origin Tracker uniquely identifies your smartphone. O-Tag makes every item unique. Together, it's genuine & unique, know where it's from and who made it.

If you check an O-Tag product with a different scanner your phone will direct you to download the  app

A Simple Three Stage Process

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Scan the O-Tag

With your App

System Checks O-Tag and phone's ID

Direct Link to Manufacturer and Product Data is Checked And Shared

The Result You Want

Code Not Issued By Origin Tracker

View Product Information & Updates

History Of Scanned Products

Physical O-Tags

Dual Layer O-Tag:

Scan Before and After Purchase

Dual Layer O-Tag:

Bottom Layer Proves Owner Activation

Anti-Tamper O-Tag:

Tag Deforms on opening

Wrap Around Tag:

Link and seal around jewelry, or any looped item

Our Platform

and able to operate in three modes

Need to issue invoices, manage incoming funds, issue receipts on multiple properties.

Try our Rentals Payments Platform


By Issueing Our Unique O-Tags out to Manufacturers Governments can control imports, charge appropriate Taxes and apply Sales Tax seamlessly 

Imports and Taxation

With our easy to use smartphone app consumers scan their purchases and get all the information, they need about the product. A direct connection to the manufacturer that proves it is a genuine product.

Check It's Genuine

Get access to full tracking history and relevant paperwork - for manufacturers to manage their inventory

Provide an Email; Log in and Out on Multiple Devices

We know your phone but we don't know you

Registered & Authorised

Registered With Email


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